doc5ync how to use words index
Word index presentation
The words index presents the set of words automatically scanned from several database document elements: the document title, the document description and basic information of the document's author.
The index's words are primarily presented in alphabetical order. And as some of these scanned elements contain date (years), those numerical items are displayed first.
We found that interesting as it allows searching by historical periods related either to the documents and/or the authors.
How to use?... Suggested methods
The workspace is composed of several tabs:
  • The index tab: contains the words index on top of page. When an item is clicked, the list of its related documents is displayed in the lower part of the page. When you click on a document, its information is displayed on the next tabs (see below)
    Note that words' list is quite large... each page contains part of that list. You can click next / previous buttons (on top of the list) to navigate through the available pages.
    In the lower part of the page, when the number of related documents is large, you can use the next/previous buttons to explorer the list
  • The selected document tab: displays the selected document information (title, author, publisher, description... etc.)
  • The document words tab: displays the list of words specifically related to the document
  • The words filter tab: here you might use this to filter the displayed word index.
    You can enter the word you are looking for (or only part of it)... and you can select the specific language of the words you are looking for.
    Please note that a large number of words are common to all languages. Please consider this when you specify the language criteria.

You can either start by navigating through word' pages... clicking any of the words displays the list of related documents... click a document to display its information.
Using the index filter can help quickly reaching the desired range of words.

Explore shared words

Naturally, many documents share the same set of words.

Once you select a word in the main tab, the list of its related documents is displayed on the lower section.

  • Click a document in the list
  • Its specific set of words is displayed on the 'Selected doc words' tab
  • Click any of the document's words to display other documents sharing that word