Help Intro
doc5ync how to use
Main screen
  • Select the language. On startup, doc5ync tries to detect your language on connection. Change when desired of if it fails to correctly detect your language
  • Menus are then displayed in the selected language
Common doc5ync commands

Search docs: display the document list that can be filtered to your selected criteria

  • The content is composed of several tabs:
    • Found documents: list of documents. Here you may click and select a document.
    • Each row display the information of a document. Click the title to open the main page of the document at the main editor’s web site
      • If you hover an element (pass the mouse above an element), detailed information of the element are displayed (as a tooltip)… see below
      • The list displays the number of other publications (if any)… those are displayed on the next tab when the element selected.
    • Publications: list of other publications of the selected document (see below). Click a publication title to open its editor’s web page.
    • Search criteria: select your filter elements

Sample description (tooltip) when ‘hovering’ an element

Other publications tab

sample search results

Search and filter criteria

Sample description (tooltip) when ‘hovering’ an element

  • Title like: enter a partial or full text of the document to find
  • Doc author like: enter part of full name of the author to find
  • Doc area / doc type / author domain / language… select the element to search
  • With external link: if ‘yes’ is selected = find only documents having a main publication
  • With publications: if ‘Yes’ is selected = find only documents that have other publications

To launch the search, click Apply