Welcome How to?
What is doc5ync?
What is doc5ync?

Our ‘connected world’ is full of promising and enlightening information available on various medias (web sites / files / audio / video…). Interconnecting these elements on various dimensions (subjects / components (words, melodies / shapes…) / languages / locations / time…) may bring new interesting angles to view the world.

That is an ultimate goal!

Let us start with something simple and let it grow:
For now, at its start point, doc5ync aims at indexing and linking some of these elements in their own variety and locations: documents… namely ‘online books’ most of which in public domain and are thus available for free download.

Another advantage of online books is that they are available in various languages, on numerous subjects and just as numerous ‘editions’… which makes of them a good concrete exercise for our ultimate research goals.
The community collaboration is of course essential!
And by ‘community’, we mean YOU!

Your suggestions and remarks are welcome and appreciated.

How did it start?

Like many projects, the story of this one started by observing a personal need for organizing own old archived documents about several subjects and stored on a variety of medias (yes, I am a veteran developer!).

I first viewed this as a personal constraint. Until I recently met a group of friends on facebook trying to collect and put in common a set of archived documents and papers.
As the collection lacked classification, it was quite difficult to find a document by criteria such as document’s author, date, type, editor… etc.
That is where doc5ync started, slightly enlarging the collection to manage (from the original 160 documents to 6000+)

Project phases

Interconnecting book information starts by collecting at least a portion of what is already there!
We do not intend to be just another book library... there are so many excellent actors on the web.
We want to give you access to various editions of various books in various languages and thematic. But our main purpose is to analyze what exists and provide a new insight into this information.

We started by the collection work
As of today we have a few thousands references to books on several online libraries (9000+ as of writing). We are still working to enrich this collection in number and quality. We will now start, in parallel, a first phase of analysis. We hope to give a preview of this work in the next few weeks.

As you may notice, our hosting conditions are relatively limited. We are actively looking for sponsors to acquire better and more efficient resources. Your help and attention is greatly appreciated.


We appreciate your comments questions and suggestions.
Please send your feedback to doc5ync[at]5ync.net